Use the Module Manager to add StackTabs to your Joomla site

Once you are ready to display the StackTabs on the frontend of your site, you will want to use the Module Manager. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Extensions > Module Manager
  2. Once you are in the Module Manager, you will need to add a new module. To do so, click on the "New" button in the top left part of the page.
  3. For the Module Type, select "StackTabs Accordion module"

  4. When you are in the StackTabs module, you will see several settings to work with.

    1. Title - This is the title of your StackTabs module (you can hide this title if desires)
    2. Select Category - The category option tells the module which StackTabs category to display on the site.
    3. Accordion Type - The default layout on your StackTabs is horizontal. With Auto Change, the display will automatically change if the StackTabs is viewed on a smaller screen (mobile). You can also select to have it displayed as vertical in the initial layout. This works well if you want to display a StackTabs in a sidebar location.
    4. Accordion Width - You can select if you would like to have the StackTabs displayed as Responsive or Fixed. Our recommendation is Responsive. This will allow the stacktabs to automatically change its view to vertical if the user views your page on a smaller screen.
    5. Enter Width for Desktop View - You can change the width of the StackTabs. Our recommendation is 100%, but you can override this to have it displayed in a smaller percentage of the module position. The StackTabs is always displayed as centered in the module position.
    6. Accordion Height - You can change the height of the StackTabs in this field. Our recommendation is 200px, but you can change it to meet your needs.

Don't forget to select a position for your module and don't forget to specify which pages you want the module displayed on. You do those two things the same way as with any other module. Select the position and then click on the Menu Assignment tab to select which pages should display your module.

If you have any additional questions, please submit a ticket. We'd be happy to help answer your questions.